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Coffee Pods are freshly ground coffee packed into a paper filter pod and then sealed individually into a foil pouch with oxygen removed to maintain freshness.  They are for single cup brewing in pod brewers and are available in different brew strengths, flavors and decaf. There are unlimited coffee choices in coffee pods and cleanup is a breeze, just discard or better yet, compost them in your garden.

We offer many gourmet quality varieties of coffee pods from Baronet, Wolfgang Puck, Reunion Island, and Marley Coffee which are all Senseo® Compatible. Each Pod weighs in at approximately 9-10 grams,  sizes are 61-62mm flat top. Eldorado is a symmetrical (round on both sides, not flat top) 55mm pod which may not fit in your Senseo®. Each coffee pod is individually packed in a nitrogen flushed package ensuring the coffees freshness. Our Assortment Packs also help you choose which coffee or tea is for you at affordable prices.

Compatible with Hamilton Beach Pod Brewers, Senseo®, Bunn, Grindmaster; See full list of compatible brewers.

Coffee Pods are not K-Cups and we do not recommend use in Keurig, K-Cup style brewer or inTassimo T-Disc Brewers.  



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